A example of c-grande sandstone rock with steps and steppers | Stone Creek Estate, Upper Coomera


Steppers are rough sawn sandstone rocks which have been set into the ground to be level with their surroundings (grass, pebbles, etc.). They make for an excellent addition to a set of steps, lead up to a mailbox or to define a walkway. We can space these steppers to suit any area and will balance the spacing accordingly. These have excellent anti-slip properties, easily cleaned and last forever!

Bring your garden to life with these rough sawn sandstone steppers, which are both functional and look great!
This is what they look like during construction – gravel or a product of your choice is then laid to produce the finished look! This example in Stone Creek Estate, Upper Coomera utilised steppers with rough sawn steps and a c-grade sandstone wall.
RS Steps & Stepping Stones
RS Steps
This is another take on the steppers that we created in Redland Bay. When used in combination with the rough sawn sandstone steps it made for a pretty neat entry way
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