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Available Boulder Retaining Wall Rock Types

  • Hybrid Sandstone
  • Blue Metal
  • A Grade Sawn Sanstone
  • B Grade Sawn Sanstone
  • A Grade Random Sanstone
  • B Grade Random Sanstone
  • Volcanic Red Rock
  • Diamond Sawn Sanstone (Steppers)
  • Rough Sawn Sanstone (Steppers)
  • Rustic Sandstone (Steppers)
  • Sanstone Stepping Stones
  • Sanstone Letterboxes

10 reasons to choose rock:

We’re serving Brisbane and Gold Coast with over 10 years of experience

  1. Boulder walls are natural in appearance and environmentally friendly.
  2. Boulder retaining walls are expected to last a lifetime.
  3. Construction costs are a one off cost.
  4. Perfect for hilly areas, driveway borders, rockeries etc.
  5. Varied choice of textures and colours of rock, to best compliment your house.
  6. Perfectly suited to create beautiful water features or custom letterbox.
  7. You will never have to worry about termites.
  8. Boulder retaining walls are free draining, therefore don’t have a pressure build up behind the wall, causing collapsed timber walls.
  9. Able to create beautiful garden beds in boulder retaining walls.
  10. Sandstone Steppers are a unique and stylish way to access your property. Whether that is to provide access to a previously inaccessible area or to create a grand entrance.

Timber… is its value all its cracked up be?

Timber retaining walls may seem like good value at the time… Especially when the builder ties it in with the whole “deal” when building. However, timber retaining walls may prove costly in the future due to their short lifespans, tendency to rot and termite issues. Treated and hardwood sleepers have an average lifespan of ten years.This can be significantly less if drainage around the wall is insufficient. This may be a result of poor wall design (trapping water behind the wall) or in areas with high levels of shade and natural water retention. The cost to remove and replace a failed wall (especially if a house is now in the way) far out weighs doing it right the first time.