Recent Projects

Have a look at what the Stonemasters team has been up to.

Check out our recent aerial footage from a job we completed in Kingsholme just prior to christmas. The end result is stunning. 

Have a sneak peak at where our rock is sourced from! This footage was taken at Helidon where all the best rock comes from. Pro tip: When seeking comparison quotes, ask where the rock is soured from. Its easy to cut cost by using inferior materials, If you want guaranteed results.

You need to use a quality product. Check out our gallery for a before & after view on our sandstone vs. a cheaper sourced product.

Our hand-cut sandstone letterboxes are a labour of love. Many hours go into every letterbox we make, however the end result speaks for itself.

This one was a bit of a tight squeeze at Reedy Creek on the Gold Coast. We extracted a failing timber retaining wall and installed sandstone boulders in its place. A permanent solution. In the process, we also managed to reclaim an additional 2m of flat space on the left hand side of driveway for the client. Win, win!

There’s no job too small. Our client at Middle Park, Brisbane wanted to remove a failed timber retaining wall and install granite boulders in place to match the rest of the existing landscape.

Terraced walls are an excellent option to break up and manage larger slopes. This 6m drop at Mundoolun, Beaudesert was easily stabilised using 4 x 1m tiers, reducing cost by up to 50% and providing a softer appearance that can now be planted and maintained.