Rock vs. Timber

Ten Reasons Building a Rock Wall vs Timber

1. Timber retaining walls have a short lifespan.

2. CCA timber is treated with Copper Chromium arsenic. Over a period of time the arsenic weathers down causing white ants to penetrate the timber.

3. All timber placed into the ground is exposed to damp which eventually caused the timber to break down with water rot.

4. The reconstruction of timber retaining walls is not cost effective as the solution is only short term.
5. Replacing timber retaining walls proves problematic as access to rebuild becomes hard to access leading to more expense long term.

6.Sleepers are produced from Forestry, which are not always environmentally sustainable.

7. As boulder walls are naturally draining, you don’t have the same pressure behind the walls in wet weather as you do with sleeper retaining walls. This is the reason so many timber retaining walls collapse as a result.

8. Boulder retaining walls are far better looking than the sleeper retaining walls, maintaining a natural look.

9. Boulder retaining walls provide you with a greater choice of finishes as there are multiple choices of rock.

10. The manufacturers of the CCA (Copper Chromium arsenic) will tell you that the treatment is safe, however some countries still ban the use of the product. There is information available for homeowners to research the product before use.

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