Sandstone quarries are believed to have started emerging around the same time as the Ipswich to Toowoomba railway line which was built in 1866.

There are many monuments of the industry demonstrating the sandstones resilience and allure spread throughout the historic buildings in Brisbane including the interior of St. John’s Cathedral, parts of Parliament House, the newer part of Old Government

House as well as the north east and west sides of Brisbane’s City Hall are all clad with Helidon Sandstone.

Having been used on such iconic buildings and many of the boulder retaining walls you will see throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas, Helidon Sandstone has grown its reputation to be one of the highest quality sandstones in Australia. Its durability is on showcase in the Brisbane’s CBD where blocks quarried a century ago are still part of beautiful architectural buildings.

In today’s market the love of this beautiful product has been relit with Helidon continuing to produce magnificent stone, you will find sandstone being used in new houses, features in gardens and entrances bringing a natural look as well as durability.

Boulder retaining has become vastly popular throughout Australia over the past few decades with Sandstone in the forefront due to its availability, durability and ability to be cut and shaped to build aesthetically pleasing retaining walls to all heights in a cost effective manner. Sandstone retaining has become the retaining of choice for many sub divisions as it helps in creating a natural look tying in with the Australian bushland.

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