What is B grade?

B Grade Sawn Sandstone has 4 sawn sides which produces a slightly less structured look with less consistently sized blocks. This allows for a little more creative input during construction, producing a very clean “brick-lay” patterned wall, yet still maintaining some natural aesthetic.

This B grade sandstone wall was constructed by the Stonemasters team in Mundoolun, Beaudesert.


Why use B grade?

B grade sawn sandstone has excellent diversity, from single rowed walls, up to 10+ rows high.

This example in Upper Coomera, Gold Coast, utilises a single and double row to create a garden terrace in between – a nice way to soften the road frontage and still achieving a flat front yard.


Unlike A grade sandstone, were able to use the inconsistency in the rock to our advantage to make it possible to achieve a convex curvature on the outside edge of the wall without creating large gaps on the front edge, which is a key shortcoming in poorly built walls.

This B grade sandstone terraced wall that we constructed in Gleneagle, Beaudesert, is a perfect example of this.


Our sandstone works well with a wide range of colour schemes and house styles. Its a great way to add an extra element to your design, creating both a useable space and a feature to enhance your property.


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