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Stonemasters Qld Pty Ltd is a proudly owned and operated family company based in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.  We divide our time between the Gold Coast and Brisbane, so no matter where you are we can do your job.  Have a look in our Gallery to see jobs we have completed in Brisbane and the Gold Coast to help you choose the type of rock that is best for you..

With over 25 years industry experience our team is dedicated to giving you the best possible results to suit your budget.

Professionally constructed boulder retaining walls means it adds value to your property as well as taking the hard work out for you.

Boulder Retaining walls

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With our up to date machinery and know how we can transform your property into a masterpiece in a relatively short space of time.

Landscaping is often one of the things that comes last after your home is built, however you will find boulder retaining walls, not only will they last a lifetime compared to some timber retaining walls, but also are a cost effective way to manage your landscape costs.

Once the boulder wall is constructed only light maintenance is required to maintain the look of your wall.

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